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Minimum Guarantee Financing For Producers

Print this pageBriefly, here is how our “alternative off balance sheet” financing program and procedure works:

  1. Producer has a Quality Film with Name Cast and Perceived International Commercial Appeal. The producer wants a reputable qualified sales company that is willing to provide a Minimum Guarantee for the worldwide sales rights, but cannot find a sales company willing to commit their own financial resources for the Minimum Guarantee.

  2. Our company will evaluate the film. (The film could be in a rough cut or finished stage). Theatrical films may be in an earlier stage of development, securing pre-sales or production.

  3. After analyzing the film’s commercial viability, our company will either pass on the film or make an offer to commit to a Minimum Guarantee in an amount our company deems prudent for this particular project. The producer can then approach their sales company with this offer and suggest to the sales company that they may be able to work with us. Alternatively, we can recommend a sales company who may be interested in working with us on your film.

  4. If our company wishes to proceed in providing the “alternative off balance sheet” Minimum Guarantee, we will both sign an agreement where we acquire the sales rights to the film under our company name. We will simultaneously sign a separate sales agreement with the sales company of your choice (with our approval) to allow that sales company to handle the sales of this film on behalf of our company and the producer.

  5. Our company will earn a portion of the sales commission (percentage to be determined) for providing our services, with the mutually-approved sales company. The cost of the guarantee is US prime +5%, plus set-up and legal fees associated with the deal.

  6. All licensing agreements will be written by the sales company under our company name and approved by the sales company and our company. All funds will be wire transferred to our bank account or to a mutually-approved collection service for approved disbursement to the producer, the sales company, and us. Our company will authorize the delivery of materials stored in a mutually-authorized lab. (This also provides 3rd party protection for the producer in the disbursement of funds and authorized distribution of the film).

  7. The above method of finding a sales company with sufficient resources for a Minimum Guarantee should provide the producer with a wider selection of qualified sales companies by linking our ability to provide “alternative off balance sheet” Minimum Guarantees with capable sales companies.

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